Mrs Jill Hetherington – General Teaching Assistant

  Mrs Hetherington works in Class 3 Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday and in Class 1 Thursday afternoon.
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Mrs Caroline Helfferich – Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Helfferich teaches in class 1 (Reception). She is PE coordinator and Forest School Leader.
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Mrs Coral Yates – Cook

Mrs Yates is our school cook, providing school lunches that are served ‘family-style,’ each day.
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Mrs Wendy Pegram – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pegram works in Class 2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
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Mrs Susi Bramall-Smith – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bramall-Smith works in Class 3 Monday and Tuesday. She also supports children on a ‘one to one’ basis in Class 3 on Thursdays and Fridays.
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Mrs Lois Dobson – Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Dobson teaches Class 2 (Year 1/2) She is Maths, Science and MFL co-ordinator.
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Mrs Louise Rayner – Class 3 teacher

Mrs Rayner teaches Class 3 (Year 3/4) She is English co-ordinator for Key Stage Two, Computing co-ordinator and Geography co-ordinator. Mrs Rayner also leads the School Council and Year 6 Committee.
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Mrs Lauren Chandler – Class 4 teacher

Mrs Chandler teaches Class 4 (Year 5/6). She is Art, Music and PHSCE co-ordinator and is also the leader of ‘Gifted and Talented’ provision.
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