Class 4 really enjoyed their visit to York Minster on Monday 15th January 2018.

The children started the day at the Centre for Educational Visits.  Here they learned about the origins of the Minster and took part in a range of different hands-on activities; this included constructing both Norman and Gothic arches.

They then learned about the vestments of Bishops and Archbishops.  As you can see our lucky volunteers enjoyed dressing up in these…

In the afternoon the children had a guided tour of the Minster.  At the west end of the Nave twelve headless saints holding haloes are signalling in semaphore.  They learned that semaphore is a way of sending a message without a mobile phone! Using two flags, or in this case haloes, each letter of the alphabet has its own signal.  If you visit the Minster try and work out the message they are sending.

They then entered the Chapter House (which is still used as a meeting place by the Dean and Chapter today).  Each wall contains six seats: to emphasise the equality of all members, no-one can sit centrally.  The acoustics in this room are amazing and a whispered instruction can be heard loud and clear.

The visit concluded in the crypt.  The crypt area is divided in two sections, east and west, with evidence of the Norman Minster found in both.  The children used this time to reflect on their enjoyable and educational day and say a prayer.