Crayke School Strategic Plan 2017-20

Parents’ and Governors Meeting, Monday 28th November 6-7.30pm

We would like to invite parents to the aforementioned meeting to seek your opinions on how Crayke Church of England Primary School could become even more effective over the next three years.

You may have thoughts on what the children should learn; the ways in which they are taught; how they could get even better results; how the building and grounds could be improved; how we should contribute to the community and what the priorities should be for spending the school budget.

Currently schools are being encouraged to federate with other schools and/or become academies. How do you think Crayke should approach this kind of educational future?

In addition to hearing your thoughts on the night, we will also be asking the children and staff for their contributions (at another time). Please try and join us even if it is only for half an hour.

Thank you,

Andrew Buttery, Headteacher

Hugh Porter, Chair of Governors