Mrs. Sheppard’s Absence

As you will be aware, Mrs. Sheppard has been absent from school for a short time now.  Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that she contracted pneumonia which, as you can imagine, has really taken its toll health wise on her.  As a result, it is proving a long recovery period and she continues to be absent from school this week.

To ensure as much continuity as possible in Class 1, we have arranged that Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Cleary will cover the class between them for as long as is necessary, with the ever constant reassuring presence of Mrs. Forshaw for the children.  There will also be a student in the class, Miss Corbett, thereby ensuring that the children will receive their usual high level of adult support during Mrs. Sheppard’s absence.

Obvious, Mrs. Sheppard’s recorder club will be cancelled until further notice.